"It's been fantastic for my quick serve restaurant... The iSOFT POS system has been an outstanding success for us - saving us money in hardware software fees, customizations and training compared to traditional systems..."

"Every time I called I was helped right away with extremely kind and personable representatives... I am sure plenty of people are talking about how easy and amazing your POS system is, but I wanted to take a second to point out the biggest advantage of using iSOFT for us has been your wonderful staff. THANK YOU!"

"This is a rapidly growing company and they keep making excellent enhancements to their app and dashboard app. They listen to their customers and are VERY quick to respond to me as a client. Every enhancement keeps getting better and more efficient. Love this app and an unbelievable deal for the price! 5-Stars for customer service and ease of use!"

"We have a small ice cream shop in Willamsburg Brooklyn and have been using this app now since we opened in June. We have barely had the need for support, but when I did, the team behind this amazing little piece of software have always been there to help me... This has to be the simplest POS out there. My new employees literally start ringing up customers without any training!"

"...for us, it is a VERY affordable solution for keeping track of everything from total sales to department breakdowns. We looked at other systems and was quoted around $10,000.00... YIKES!! So this to us, was a true find to help propel us out of the dark ages of the royal cash register and into the age of the iPad, immediate information and ease. LOVE it!!"

"We are a coffee shop and have been using iSoft for over a year. My employees Love it and my customers think it is the coolest thing ever. ...I can't say enough good things about iSOFT."

"I've been using iSOFT since it was in beta, and can definitely say that it's a godsend for small businesses that need sophisticated cash-registering on a small budget. Find users or refurb iPad, printers and cash drawer, for less than $1,000 you've got a system that will take credit card, print receipts, send orders to the kitchen and has realtime sales info available in the cloud..."

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Mobile & Web

In this digital era, your website is often the first impression given to your target audience. A potential customer often does some kind of research on the internet before committing. And your website can be your strongest tool to attract and keep that customer. Is your website relaying the right impression and correct messages to the public?

Cloud Software Development

Business competitiveness requires innovation and an appropriate response to the business processes dynamics, and sometimes non-standard solutions are the solution.
Webuild has a team of professionals with expertise in application software development, on the implementation of web solutions under several technological platforms, in an external perspective (portals) or in an internal one (intranets), as well as in the integration of technological differentiated systems, ensuring the quality of rendered services and system security.


We also provide the customers with its technical and marketing staff in order to study and propose customized solutions that can meet any technical and production requirements, ensuring the efficiency of the system and optimizing the available space.

Don't hesitate to call us. We're a friendly bunch!

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